Professional and Quality Appliance Repair Services in Pickering and the GTA

Having properly functioning appliances in your home is very important from a convenience and comfort standpoint. If one of your appliances is malfunctioning, it can not only be inconvenient but also extremely stressful. Let the appliance repair technicians at Palladium Appliance Repair take the stress out of appliance repair for you and your family.

Seeing Symptoms? Call a Professional

If you are seeing any symptoms of an appliance malfunction, call a professional right away. The sooner you have a qualified appliance repair professional take a look at it, the less possibility there is for an emergency. In this way, you also have time to research reputable companies so you are not taken advantage of.


At Palladium Appliance Repair, we are a team of skilled, experienced and certified professionals dedicated to offering the most comprehensive appliance repair in Pickering and the GTA. With nearly 20 years of providing the most honest, professional, and dependable appliance repair service available, we are the company to call for all your appliance repair needs.


Are you seeing symptoms of washer or dryer malfunctioning? Are your clothes not getting cleaned or dried properly? Are you hearing loud noises from your units? Is your clothing getting damaged?

Hand washing and air drying your clothing may have worked perfectly well for your ancestors but is probably the last thing your modern household wants to contend with. We provide washer and dryer repairs quickly and efficiently, in many cases on the same day you call.


Does your refrigerator continuously run? Are you seeing ice buildup or is your ice maker or water dispenser malfunctioning? Maybe your refrigerator has stopped working completely.

Probably one of the most important appliances in your household, the refrigerator houses your food and keeps it from spoiling. The last thing you need is a refrigerator malfunction. At Palladium Appliance Repair, we understand that no kitchen can function properly without a working refrigerator. Our technicians are certified and trained even on the most sophisticated new smart refrigerators.


Are you having trouble with your burners not heating? Are your baked goods coming out lopsided? Stove and oven malfunctions make for a very unhappy family.

Although cooking over an open fire may be fun when on a camping trip, it’s doubtful your family would have much patience for it on a daily basis. If your stove or oven is malfunctioning, call on the certified appliance repair technicians at Palladium Appliance Repair to get your appliance working properly again.


Are your dishes still dirty after a full cleaning cycle? Is your dishwasher not draining? Is the drain clogged with debris?

There is nothing more frustrating than taking dirty dishes out of a dishwasher after you have run them through a cleaning cycle. Dishwasher repairs are often quick and simple. With our qualified appliance repair technicians, your dishes will be sparkling clean again.


Are you seeing sparks in your microwave? Is the control panel no longer operable?

Modern households today rely on microwaves for everything from heating up leftovers to last minute snacks. A microwave malfunction is not only frustrating but inconvenient. Call the Pickering appliance repair professionals at Palladium Appliance Repair to get your microwave back on track.


Do you find that your garbage disposal continually clogs? Are you experiencing loud and grinding noises?

Garbage disposals notoriously malfunction at the worst possible moment, especially during holiday meals. Don’t let a malfunctioning garbage disposal ruin your day. Call the experts at Palladium Appliance Repair.

Regular Appliance Maintenance and Cleaning

In addition to professional and quality appliance repair in Pickering, we offer customized maintenance plans for all your household appliances. Regular maintenance can often prevent emergency appliance malfunctions. When you have a qualified technician inspect and clean your appliances periodically, it has been shown to prevent nearly 90% of repair calls. Not only can you attend to potential future repairs before they become emergencies, but periodic maintenance keeps your appliances working at tip top shape. An efficient appliance is also an energy efficient one. Improve the effectiveness and longevity of your household appliances with a maintenance plan designed just for you.

Professional Appliance Installation in Pickering

If you have purchased new appliances, allow the professional technicians at Palladium Appliance Repair to install your appliances safely and correctly. Many appliance stores no longer offer installation due to liability when it comes to gas, electric, and plumbing hook-ups. Our team of qualified technicians has the tools and experience necessary to safely install all your new appliances.

Let Us Take the Stress Out of Stressful

When you are dealing with any malfunctioning appliances, call the appliance repair professionals at Palladium Appliance Repair. We will come to your home with fully stocked trucks and all the equipment, parts, and tools necessary for a quick and efficient repair. Have an emergency? Our dispatchers are available around the clock to get you scheduled for a quick and efficient service call. Let us take the stress out of a stressful situation.

Honest and Professional Appliance Repair in Pickering

At Palladium Appliance Repair, we have offered honest and professional residential appliance repair for nearly 20 years and have been consistently voted #1 by our customers for unsurpassed quality of repairs and customer service. We believe in treating our customers the way we want to be treated so you will always be treated courteously and professionally. From our support personnel to our professional technicians, you will get the best customer service possible. Call us today if you need the best professional appliance repair service in Pickering. You won’t be sorry you did.