Repair Or Replace Your Appliance? What You Should Know

Our household appliances are large investments. So when one of your major appliances malfunctions, how do you know whether to replace it or repair it?

How to Decide

We’ve become so reliant on our appliances that we take them for granted. Gone are the days when we washed dishes and clothing by hand. So we don’t even consider the consequences when one of our beloved appliances suffers a breakdown. Until it happens. Then we are confronted with a dilemma. Do we pay for a repair or do we replace the unit? Here are some ways you can decide.

Ask Yourself These Questions

Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering the replace vs. repair issue.

● Is the appliance still under warranty? The obvious answer to an appliance that is still under warranty would be to fix it, especially since the cost of that repair will not be an issue.
● Is the appliance a specialty appliance or antique that would be difficult to replace?
● Are the repairs minor and would extend the life of the appliance for several years? The rule of thumb is that if repairs are over half the cost of the appliance itself, replacement makes the most sense.
● Is your appliance so old that it is considered obsolete?

First of all, consider that fixing an appliance is always cheaper than replacing. But major household appliances have a lifespan. Knowing how long an appliance has been estimated to last can help decide how much life is left in that malfunctioning appliance. For the most part, the following are the lifespans of most major appliances:

● Dishwasher – 9 years
● Clothes dryer = 13 years
● Gas oven – 10 to 18 years
● Gas range – 15 to 17 years
● Electric range/oven – 13 to 15 years
● Garbage disposal = 12 years
● Microwave – 9 years
● Refrigerator – 9 to 13 years
● Washer – 5 to 15 years
● Dryer – 13 to 14 years

When you factor in the age of your appliance, you can get some idea of whether repairing it makes sense at all. If your appliance is nearing the end of its lifespan, it may be more realistic just to replace it. And with newer technology coming to market every day, older appliances are quickly becoming obsolete.

Think About The Energy

This may be the perfect time to think about the energy efficiency of your old appliance. New appliances are far superior than older ones in efficiency, especially the ones that are rated specifically energy efficient. If your old appliance has been eating away at your energy bills, now may be the perfect time to replace it.

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