Maintenance Tips For Your Stove, Range And Oven

When you own a stove, range, and oven it’s important that you perform regular maintenance in order to extend the life of the appliance. Care and maintenance doesn’t have to be so in depth; it simply needs to keep the appliance in clean working order at all times. Below, you will find some suggestions on how to best clean your appliance

Clean the interior and exterior

To clean the inside and the outside of the stove, you need to use a light cleaner that isn’t filled with harsh chemicals that can do damage to the body. You can also use a simple rag and some warm soapy water.

Cleaning the Door

It is important that the door to your oven stays clean and clear at all times so you can take a peak of what you are preparing. Keeping this door clean also keeps any staining on the glass whenever the oven is heated up. It’s good to keep in a habit to wipe this glass off every time you shut the oven off and cleaning it once a month with a heavy duty type degreaser.

Smooth Electric Stove tops

These types of stove tops are great because you can cook on an even surface however if something spills on the top of this stove, you are going to need something to clean it up as soon as possible. You will need to have some type of razor scraper to move the majority of the spill off and then use a simple clear top cleaner sold in most stores or you can order it online.

Solid Burner Element

This type of stove top has element burners that are made from solid metal. They don’t have the coils you expect on an electric stove top. After you are done cooking your meal, you will want to wipe off around the burners and on the rest of the solid surface. However, if you spill food on it, you will need to get the majority of that food scraped off and then you can wipe off the surface. Always read your owner’s manual to determine what type of cleaning solution would be best for your stove top surface. And if there is any issue, you might want to call in appliance repair professionals in Pickering.