Guide To Maintaining A Freezer

Each tip offers details on one way to prevent wear and tear on the freezer’s components. Such preventive measures work to lower the frequency with which any of the appliance’s parts need some type of repair.

3 times when you must unplug the freezer in order to address a maintenance issue

Appliance repair professional in Pickering says that the first of those issues will sound familiar, because it involves cleaning coils. Like refrigerators, freezers have condenser coils. After unplugging the appliance, use a vacuum cleaner, in order to remove dust from those coils.

Like some refrigerators, some freezers do not have an automatic defrost system. Only by cutting off the freezer’s energy supply can you cause a buildup of ice go melt away. If you do not want to wait for nature to run its course, you can buy and use a special scraper.

Please note the fact that you should unplug the freezer before removing the pan at the freezer’s drain opening. Clean that pan and then inspect the opening that leads to that shallow container. Make sure that nothing has moved into that opening, because such movement could keep any water from making its way into that shallow pan.

2 maintenance issues that can be addressed without unplugging the freezer

Freezers need to remain level; otherwise, their door will not close properly. If the door does not close correctly, the cold environment could feel the effect of some unwanted warmer air. Furthermore, the door’s poor position could force it to assume the sort of shape that reduces the same door’s ability to function as it should.

The manufacturer recognizes the fact that each freezer should be level, while it operates in a home. It fits each freezer with adjustable feet. The leveling process consists of rotating those feet. The appliance goes up or down a fraction of an inch, depending on the direction in which a certain foot has been rotated.

The final issue is one that relates to the seal around the freezer’s door. You can test how well that seal is performing. Do that by putting a dollar bill on the seal and then closing the appliance. In order to complete the test, you must check to see if you can pull that same bill from its location.

If you cannot, then you should feel confident that the seal is working properly. Realize, though, that the same seal could still be dirty; take the time to clean it. Also, be prepared to deal with a different test result. If you do succeed in pulling that bill from its location, then you will know that the time has come for investing in a new gasket.