FAQs About Portable Ice Makers

Portable ice makers ensure that you enjoy ice any time you want to without taking up too much space. They are ideal for entertaining in compact living areas which include dorm rooms, boats, apartments and even RV’s. They can replace the hassle of dealing with those pesky ice trays traditionally used to make ice. Before you purchase your first portable ice maker, here are a few things you should know about these spectacular units.

#1. Is a water line needed before using the portable ice maker?

No, you won’t need to have a water line to use a portable ice maker. You simply need to pour the water into the reservoir on the unit and turn it on to make the ice.

#2. Do these ice makers work efficiently?

These ice makers work like the traditional ice maker attached to the freezer. The water that you pour in the reservoir. The unit will then go to work to freeze the water and cause the water to turn into ice cubes.

#3. Is the portable ice maker quick to produce ice?

Many units that make ice will take a few minutes to form the cubes, while the traditional ice maker takes several hours to form the ice.

#4. What is the size of portable ice makers?

Ice makers that are portable are small enough that they can fit into a special place on the counter top or you can put them on the table if needed. Most units are small, measuring approximately 15” x 12”.

#5. Is it easy to carry around the portable ice maker?

The most appreciative feature of the portable ice makers is that they are portable. This means that they are not attached to a consistent water line or power supply. You only plug it up and use it when you need it then tuck it underneath the cabinet when you are through.

#6. What are the ways to maintain the portable ice maker?

Cleaning the portable ice making unit is easy to do because it only contains water at all times. However, you may have lime build up after a few uses and need to clean it. In order to clean it, you can purchase ice machine cleaner that can be added to the water in the reservoir and then run through to clean it.

It is important to take care of your portable ice maker unit as much as possible in order to bring you ice cubes for years,whenever you want them. With the proper care of the ice maker, you will not need to purchase a new one for many years to come. If there is any malfunction just call in the appliance repair experts in Pickering.

Consumers who purchased these units like that they are so much more portable and easy to deal with and can go anywhere they go for the convenience of having ice cold beverages within a few minutes.