How To Deal With Excess Condensation In The Refrigerator

Whenever you note the presence of excess condensation in your refrigerator, you have no way of knowing the chances that it might get worse. Rather than worry about that possibility, you ought to seek the source of the problem. You can do that by completing a series of checks.

Checklist to follow as you search for the root cause of the excessive amount of condensation

Take a good look at the temperature settings. If the refrigerator gets too warm, any moist air that surrounds the food on the shelves will start to condense. Of course, some warm air gets in each time that someone opens the door. That is why you must make sure that the door’s seal does a good job of keeping the door tightly closed.

The door’s gasket has a role to play in helping the door to remain tightly closed. Check that gasket; be sure it does not have any cracks. Use a dollar bill to perform a simple test. See if you can remove that same greenback after it has been placed on the seal and captured between the door and that same seal. If the door fails to hold that dollar bill, your fridge’s gasket ought to be replaced.

If you have a self-defrosting refrigerator, you need to check the defrost drain line. Make sure that it is not clogged. If your fridge cannot defrost itself, it will exhibit a huge buildup of condensation.

Make sure that your fridge is a well-balanced appliance. At the same time, lend support to any effort directed at placing your fridge on level ground. The inside temperature needs to be well-distributed on the fridge’s shelves. Otherwise, frost could form on those foods that get exposed to the lower temperatures.

How to level a refrigerator

If possible, work with a partner. One of you should study the angle between the floor and the bottom of the fridge. You can change that angle by turning the appliance’s front floor screws. Try to get the refrigerator’s bottom parallel to the line of the floor. If you can do that, then, theoretically, you will have managed to level the shelves in your refrigerator.

The components in the various refrigerators all work better when they get provided with the chance to operate on a level surface. That is one of the many reasons for including the appliance’s leveling on a list of tasks that ought to be completed by a conscientious homeowner. If you alter the way that the door opens, or if you make any other alterations, be sure to repeat the leveling procedure. Naturally, you must also repeat that procedure if the fridge’s location within the home gets changed. If you are unable to do all of this on your own, call in the appliance repair expert in Pickering.