How To Choose The Right Microwave For You?

Microwaves have become a necessity to the majority of the people, and with a lifespan of 7 to 12 years, we’ll all have to eventually go out looking for a replacement. And to make that ordeal a little easier on you, we have made a guide for you to follow on your shopping spree. To start with there are four types of microwaves and to find out which one is best for you, you will have to consider the layout of your kitchen.

#1: The Countertop Microwave

The most common type of microwave available. The advantage is that it is easy to find, set up and replace. As it is the cheapest option, it only needs to be plugged in and is ready to go. It is a preferred option lightweight and easily moved. But disadvantage of this microwave includes that it needs quite a bit of counter space and comes with smaller and with fewer features.

#2: The Over-The-Range Microwave

This microwave can be installed seamlessly into your countertop, often over the stovetop. It uses no counter space but blends seamlessly into your countertops. The luxurious and elegant appearance offers extra lighting to below range. There are vents to remove heat, odors and fumes from below cooking range. The disadvantage is that it is costlier and becomes often difficult to reach for kids and some adults, apart from needing installation.

#3: The Built-In Microwave

This is often installed as you get a new kitchen to fit perfectly into the rest of the design. This microwave uses no counter space and has elegant appearance matching your other appliances. But it requires installation, is costlier and needs to be installed in convenient-to-use spot.

#4: The Convection Microwave

This microwave uses a drastically different way of cooking through an internal fan and high temperatures similar to an oven. With electromagnetic waves, it heats food from the inside out, making it capable of roasting, baking, broiling, or just giving a light toast unlike all other microwaves. It offers better texture and flavor to your food through unique cooking methods. It is versatile and convenient while it offers more options of preparation like broiling, baking and roasting. It can be installed in all forms (countertop, over-the-range and built-in).


• costlier
• requires more skill for usage
• needs cool-down after use of certain settings

Now that you know the pros and cons of the different microwaves, it will help you know and make the right decisions. However, whenever there is any malfunction in the appliance, you need to call on the appliance repair service in Pickering.